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I have decided to add a commission painting service to my website. If you would like a miniature or group of miniatures painted up by myself then please do not hesitate to contact me here in the Dead Marshes or on the Shadow & Flame website or facebook to discuss your requirements for your chosen piece. I am happy to paint miniatures from all ranges although you would need to be clear in what you wanted from the miniature - colour specifications etc.
Conversions available - Please note that heavy conversions / scratch sculpts will be completed by Ukfreddybear / Flame and then mailed back to myself for painting. This option is extremey good value for money and you come away with an exceptional unique miniature for your collection.
Prices will be extremely good value of that I promise.

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17 October 2014

Its that day again....

John Dennis Brookes 08.02.31 - 17.10.05

A promise is a promise and paint I will!

13 October 2014

UK Golden Demon Entry 2014 - Theoden & Honour the Fallen

Been chipping away at this piece for a while to try and get something ready in time for this years Golden Demon Competition which was in Coventry this year.  Its been hard work finding the time to get this ready with all the commission work I have on the go at the moment, and in fact I didn't think I was going to finish it in time at all.  Anyway I managed to finish the piece and managed to get it Coventry (other end of the country to me) in one piece lol which was quite a challenge I can tell you.

Anyway arrived in Coventry saturday evening and had a great night out in the Casino with the wife and two good friends of mine, some terrible pictures for facebook haha.  Quick shout out to Mark, Shaun and Swixy you lot were funny as!

Got up on Sunday to be told by the hotel that my car had been broken into during the night.  The sods smashed the window and took the sat nav, my car stereo and my MP3 player.  Managed to hand my model in before spending the entire day in the hotel reception dealing with the police, insurance company and the repairman.  Managed to get a new car window in place at around 4 pm - 15 minutes after Games Day finished.  Lol I missed the entire thing.  Really glad I took the wife (cough cough and her ipad) with me as she made the day bearable and we made the best of a bad situation.

Anyway good old Theoden didn't make the cut this year and after reviewing pictures of some of the other models in my chosen catagory online afterwards i can understand why.  Outstanding work from some real top class painters.  Looks like I'll have to raise my game next year if I want to make the finals.  Only regret is that I din't get the chance to have a look at the models in person which is for want of a better word SHIT as I was there lol.

Congratulations to all entrants and I'll be back for more in 2015 (not in my bloody car tho lol)

Theoden is now on Cool Mini Or Not for voting if you would like to register a vote you can CLICK HERE.  Your continued support is much appreciated.

Theoden Current CMON rating is


Thanks for taking the time to read all my waffle.  I'll get you one day Golden Demon.

29 September 2014

Mounted Radagast the Brown conversion

Just got home from the GBHL run Desolation of Stockport 2.0 SBG tournament and have to say James, Jamie , Damian and Thomas you did yourselves proud yet again.  Great to see some familiar faces as well as meeting some new people too.  Kamil Domanski , Ian Marley and Shaun Hunt you guys are awesome!!!!!  oh and not forgetting Pindergorn too lol.

Anyway the guys from the channel gave Dave a Radagast model to convert into a Mounted version.  The model was then passed to myself for painting.  I took the model along to Stockport with me and here are the results.  Baring in mind this model was painted with THE WORST hangover I've ever experienced in my life.

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Mounted Radagast current CMON rating

Thanks for looking and taking the time to register votes.
C&C appreciated as always.

31 August 2014

White Horses : Magazine Painting guide

I was asked some time ago if I would write a painting guide for a brand new hobby magazines first issue.  I agreed to write a guide for painting White horses as I have been asked quite a few times in the past on the One Ring forum for guides to paint them.  

Once the magazine is published I will add more details.

Thanks for looking.

25 August 2014

Azog (Shadow & Flame Conversion)

Next up is a converted Azog the defiler.  Conversion work completed by Dave "Flame" Fredericks.  Great little model to paint up.  Got to have some fun with it adding the blood and gore.
I have added this version of Azog to my Cool Mini Or Not gallery so if you would like to register a vote Please Click HERE.
Thank you for your continued support.
Azog current CMON rating

24 August 2014

Fellowship Hobbits. Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin

Next on the paintstation was the four hobbits from the Fellowship.  I had forgotten how small these guys are. Fun making mushrooms again.  Glad these guys are done and dusted and i can move on with the next project (which incidentally is also almost complete).

 Hope you like them and please feel free to leave a comment.  Next update is imminent and is something a bit special ;-)

15 August 2014


Client requested that the model be painted based around the colours worn by Elsa from Frozen and the base be made up of ice and snow.  Needed to get this turned around in a hurry as so much to do at the moment.  Hope you like her.  C & C most welcome.

11 August 2014

The Master of Laketown

Next up on the paintstation was the Master of Laketown.  This was a fun model to paint, lots of character. The base drove me insane.  I am not very experienced in using resin and failed on this base on the first two attempts.  Third time lucky : )

The Master of Laketown is on Cool Mini Or Not for voting and if you would like to register a vote please CLICK HERE.  Thank you.

Master of Laketown current Cool Mini Or Not rating

Hope you like him and thanks for looking.

28 July 2014

Young Eomer & Dwarf Kings Champion

Been a busy month this month so progress a little slow.  Have got quite a few models on the brink of completion so should have some updates coming up a little more regularly.  First up is a Young Eomer conversion.  Conversion work done by Flame of Shadow & Flame.

 Second up is the Dwarf Kings Champion.  Again conversion work completed by Flame.  First time using clear resin to simulate deep water.  A little tricky but will be attempting it again in the near future for sure.

Thanks for looking and I hope you like them.

24 June 2014

Invisible Frodo, Aragorn & Boromir Conversions

Next up a couple of nice little conversion pieces on commission.  Dave sculpted elven cloaks onto the Aragorn and Boromir models.  Great to paint.  Quite like the hooded Aragorn piece.  The invisible Frodo was tough to paint lol.

 Click the pictures to make them bigger.  Thanks for looking.